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Information about the active platform. Available platform manager properties:

// Platform type, e.g. Yandex, Vk

// You can check possibility to login

// Is allowed to open external links?

All supported platforms:

  • CrazyGames: CRAZY_GAMES
  • GameDistribution: GAME_DISTRIBUTION
  • GameMonetize: GAME_MONETIZE
  • OK Games: OK
  • SmartMarket: SMARTMARKET
  • VK Games: VK
  • Yandex Games: YANDEX
  • GamePix: GAMEPIX
  • Poki: POKI
  • VK Play: VK_PLAY

Also you can get our SDK implementation or native platform SDK:

// Our implementation

// Native platform SDK

Some platforms explicitly prohibit the use of external links (GameDestribution, OK), some allow any (within the law). Below is a table of platforms.

Yandex.Games❌ Forbidden, but *
VK Games✅ Allowed
OK Games❌ Forbidden
CrazyGames✅ Allowed
GameMonetize✅ Allowed
GameDestribution❌ Forbidden
GamePix❌ Forbidden
POKI❌ Forbidden
SmartMarket✅ Allowed
VK Play✅ Allowed


  1. It is possible to post a link to the community if the community is only talking about the game on Yandex.Games, in other cases it is impossible.
  2. Allowed placement of links from the Yandex ecosystem, for example Yandex.Zen or links to other games on the platform.

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