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Construct 3 - Install plugin

Step 1. Download addon

The full list of addon builds can be found here.

Install gamepush-core.c3addon to use all core features.

Link to addon GamePush Core on Construct 3

To work with chats and real-time messages, additionally install the gamepush-channels.c3addon plugin.

Link to addon GamePush Channels on Construct 3

Step 2. Find the Addon Manager

Step 3. Install addon

Step 4. Pick insert new object

Step 5. Find GamePush plugin and add it to the project

Step 6. In the GamePush control panel, go to your game page

You will need the project ID and token.

Step 7. Select the plugin in the list of objects

Step 8. Add the project ID and token to the plugin settings

Step 9. Disable the worker in the project settings

This is necessary so that the plugin runs in the scope of the Platform SDK and the GamePush SDK and not in the worker.