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Game Testing Checklist

We have prepared a checklist for testing games on all platforms. Below are the requirements for each platform. Platforms may return the game for further development if any of the items are not satisfactory.


Consider these requirements during development, as most of them are aimed at improving the quality indicators of your games.

Languages and Text

  • The game is translated into supported languages.

    • The game is translated into English for worldwide platforms.
    • The game is translated into Russian for Russian platforms.
  • There are no errors (spelling, punctuation, grammar, logic, etc.) in the localization text.

  • Text formatting is displayed correctly in all languages.

    • The entire text fits inside buttons, windows, and other elements.
    • No parts of words or symbols are cut off.
    • Text does not wrap letter by letter (should be by words), except for stylistically suitable solutions, such as dialogues in pixel art games.
  • The platform language is taken into account when entering the game. More.


  • The game runs on all popular browsers:
    • Chrome
    • Opera
    • Safari
    • Firefox
    • Yandex
  • Loading takes no more than 30 seconds (if longer, consider placing a mini-game during loading).
  • No technical messages, errors, crashes, or freezes (This does not apply to the browser console.).
  • Progress is saved when re-entering the game.
  • The game supports incognito mode.
  • Separate registration or authorization is prohibited in applications. Authorization through the platform is allowed.
  • Requesting user data such as email, passwords, phone numbers, passport data, and other personal information is prohibited.


  • If the game is challenging or has non-intuitive controls, it should have a tutorial.

  • Applications that have dating service functionality, are de facto gambling games, and/or have a "criminal" theme must comply with the following restrictions (Odnoklassniki):

    • Age restrictions;
    • Inaccessibility of quick payments;
    • Inability to obtain user balance information;
    • Mandatory prior notification of users about the application's content.
  • Completing the main content of the game takes more than 10 minutes. Examples: casual game with 10-20 levels, quiz game with multiple themes and 15-20 questions each, puzzle game with multiple tasks. To ensure 10 minutes of gameplay, quizzes and tests should have at least 100 questions. Questions should not be duplicated or minimally changed (different answer options, different wording of the same question, etc.).

  • The content should engage users in the game for at least 5 minutes.

  • The game does not display alcohol, tobacco products, the smoking process itself, medications, drugs, or any other prohibited substances, pornography, profanity, scenes of violence against children, or propaganda of any religious or political views.

  • There are no in-game operations with real-world values and real money.

  • If the game operates on a subscription-based model, the player must be provided with a trial period for familiarization. (VK Games)

  • User-generated content: if your game includes customizable features such as player names or chat parameters, it should also prevent the use and creation of derogatory terms or any other harmful content by players.

  • Wide use of branding/logo is not allowed. You can use your brand logo in one place: loading screen, main menu, or end credits (Poki, GameDistribution).


  • Player progress blockers, such as lives, energy, and their equivalents, should automatically replenish themselves at certain intervals of time using a timer if the user has depleted them. After the initial installation of the application, the user should have a full balance of lives or energy required to start the game. (VK Games)
  • The application can increase the user's level, award points, and consider missions completed only for active player actions (completing a game stage, creating an element in the game, etc.), not for received bonuses, gifts, friend actions, or similar. (VK Games)
  • Check the accuracy of scoring points, lives, and other game parameters.


  • All interface elements are displayed correctly.
  • All pop-up windows have a close button or close button functionality.
  • Game elements/buttons perform the designated function upon being pressed and do not block further actions.
  • The game title and tab name (title) match and are written in English (GameDistribution).
  • There is no browser scrolling on the page.
  • Internal elements and texts do not overlap or cover other elements.
  • The scale of the active field does not exceed the screen boundaries, and elements are not cropped.
  • If the player goes beyond the boundaries of the game, the game is paused (switched tabs, minimized the browser, etc.).
  • After pausing, the game can be resumed with the continue button.
  • Any display of service dialogs (Invite friends, join a community, share, etc.) should occur only after an active action by the user on the social network (OK Games, VK Games).
  • The game displays correctly on different screen resolutions on various devices:
    • OS:
      • iOS (11+)
      • Android (7+)
      • Windows (7+)
      • Mac (11+)
    • Extensions:
      • iPhone SE (375x667)
      • iPhone XR (414x896)
      • Samsung galaxy s8+ (360x740)
      • iPad mini (1024x768)
      • full hd (1920x1080)


  • In the case where game rewards are given for watching an ad video, the video plays correctly, and the player receives the reward after watching.
  • In case of unsuccessful ad display (no ads, adblock, something broke), display a message stating that no ads were found.
  • If ads are shown without pressing a button (timer-based), for example, in clicker genre games, a warning about the start of the ad should be shown 5 seconds prior.
  • Ads should not be shown immediately upon launching the game and until the user familiarizes themselves with the essence of the game (VK Games).
    • It is preferable to show the first ad only after completing the tutorial or reaching the 2/3 level in the game.
  • Fullscreen ads and rewarded videos cannot be on the same screen. For example, if you offer to double the reward for a level or continue, clicking continue should not display an ad (two identical scenarios: either watch an ad or watch an ad). (CrazyGames)
  • Advertisements are not displayed during gameplay levels (except for sticky banners).
  • The sticky banner does not cover the gameplay field.
  • The game is paused during ad display.
  • Enabled adblock should not block the ability to continue the game when displaying ads.
  • The button to show a rewarded ad is tied to the text or button that clearly indicates that the user will see an ad in exchange for a reward.
  • In the offer of a reward for watching an ad, hiding or delaying the skip or close button by the developer is not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to offer video ads as a reward every time users lose a life. (Crazy Games)
  • In-game purchases and/or ad monetization, except for agreed promotional applications, are mandatory.
  • It is not recommended to show ads after every level, as well as immediately after loading the game (OK Games). It is permissible to set a limit on the frequency of ad display no more than once every 3 minutes.

On some platforms, the use of external links is prohibited, more details.


  • When the game page is minimized, the sound stops playing.
  • During the display of interstitial and rewarded video ads, the game sound should be paused.
  • The music widget is not displayed on mobile devices when the game is minimized.
  • The game cannot be completely mute. Background music, sound signals, and user interface sounds are all important for improving game quality. (GameDistribution).
  • There should be rewarded ads in the game. (GameDistribution).
  • Applications using copyrighted music are not accepted unless you can document your right to use it in your applications or provide a link to music with a free license.
  • There is a functionality to turn off the music.
  • Advertisements before the game starts are not shown on:
    • VK Games
    • OK Games platforms.

For Mobile Devices

  • The game is in fullscreen mode during gameplay.
  • The keyboard automatically appears when a field is clicked.
  • Visual elements do not deform or stretch disproportionately when changing screen orientation.
  • On iOS devices, long-tapping on the internal game field does not result in field highlighting or opening a contextual menu.
  • Game elements are clearly visible on screens of any mobile device.

For Desktop Devices

  • Visual elements do not deform or stretch disproportionately when the available area size changes.
  • The ratio of the length to the short side of the active area does not exceed 1:2. (Yandex.Games)
  • Your game should scale to cover the entire canvas on all devices and have an aspect ratio of 16:9. (Poki)
  • Default control is done using the keyboard and/or mouse.
  • When implementing mouse control, natural operations for desktop devices are used such as clicks and drag-and-drop. Mobile gestures (swipe, flick, tap-n-hold) are not allowed.


  • The price is specified for all paid services.
  • The purchase is made after clicking the "buy" or "purchase" button.
  • Game currency is credited upon payment (without refresh).
  • The purchase appears in the player's purchase list after payment.
  • The price must be specified in the platform's currency (YAN, Points, OKi, rubles).

Requirements for Text and Graphics Materials

  • The application description must correspond to the functionality of the application and not mislead the user.
  • Applications using animated icons are not accepted.
  • The application icon must be unique and not replicate icons of other applications in the catalog.
  • Applications with logos that have a white or transparent background are not accepted.
  • Applications using copyrighted icons are not accepted unless you can document your right to use them in your applications.
  • The application cover must include the application name. The name on the cover must exactly match the game title. Applications without a name in the logo are not accepted.
  • (OK Games) The main application name should be in Russian but can contain one or more words in another language.

Specific rules for platforms

OK Games (Odnoklassniki)

  • The application does not contain any visual elements, designs, logos, or mentions of social networks other than Odnoklassniki.
  • Applications whose main purpose is advertising or promoting products/services will be included in our catalog only after approval from our commercial department.
  • Applications containing lotteries and prize giveaways will be included in the catalog only after approval from our commercial department.
  • Applications functioning as internet radios are not accepted.
  • Applications functioning as video chats or messengers are not accepted.
  • All application interface elements must be in Russian.
  • Applications that limit the majority of functionality for users of Odnoklassniki who have not used features such as "invite friends," "post to guestbook," "post to feed," or similar functions that involve spreading information about the application among other Odnoklassniki users are not accepted.
  • Applications that require users of Odnoklassniki to provide login credentials, passwords for any websites, phone numbers, email addresses of Odnoklassniki users are not accepted.
  • Applications are prohibited from sending SMS messages.
  • Applications that distribute advertising messages (spam) through any channels are not accepted.
  • Applications that use or mention affiliate programs in any form are not accepted.
  • Regardless of the reason, you are not allowed to transfer the audience playing your application using Odnoklassniki to other platforms, including but not limited to other versions of the application hosted outside of Odnoklassniki, including OAuth authorization.
  • It is not allowed to use a group created to support users of your application on Odnoklassniki to intentionally transfer the audience playing your application using Odnoklassniki to other platforms, including but not limited to other versions of the application hosted outside of Odnoklassniki, including OAuth authorization.


  • The game does not use facts that contradict scientific and societal norms, unconfirmed facts that may mislead users.
  • The smart app must request permission to activate the microphone and camera and allow the user to revoke these accesses.
  • Upon launch, the user must confirm that they are 18 years old or older if the smart app has an age restriction of 18+.
  • The smart app does not use the Salut brand and logo, including their imitations.
  • All technical and logical scenarios are correct and match the description.
  • The specified testing instructions are executed without errors.
  • The smart app does not have dead-end scenario options where the user is unsure of what to do next and which element to select.
  • When using external links:
    • Links work correctly.
    • The resource to which the link points is accessible via the HTTPS protocol.
    • Do not add links in the early stages of the scenario to avoid distracting the user from the smart app.
    • Take into account the device from which the user launches the smart app: use a URL as the link for mobile applications, and use a QR code for SberBox and SberPortal.
    • Consider the purpose of redirecting to an external resource. For example, if you provide a link as an additional source for the user, we will consider such a resource individually during moderation.
  • When working with personal data, it is not allowed to:
    • Request credentials from banking and payment resources (login and password).
    • Request bank card information (card number, expiration date, CVV or CVC, security codes, SMS codes).
    • Distribute software that processes personal data in violation of Russian legislation.
    • Provide access to personal data databases and publish their details (phone number databases, documents, etc.).

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