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GamePush allows you to implement the display of advertisements or rewarded videos in the game. Advertising in GamePush is handled using the Ads Manager The manager manages banners on the game page:

  • ad display
  • automatic update timer management
  • advertising frequency showing

To display this section correctly, disable AdBlock.

Ad Manager

The ad manager rules over the banners on the page. Its responsibility consists in displaying ads, managing auto-refresh and ads frequency timers.

Available ad manager properties:

// Is AdBlock enabled

// Is the banner available

// Is the ads playing now

// Check enabled advertising overlays
// Countdown overlay before displaying fullscreen ads is enabled;
// Overlay is enabled for failed display of rewarded video;

// Can fullscreen ads be shown on the platform before gameplay starts;

You can subscribe for the following basic events:

// Ads show started'start', () => {});
// Ads show ended'close', (success) => {});


Fullscreen banner or interstitial is pop-up, often fullscreen skippable (sometimes only after a few seconds) advertising. Usually it is shown in transition between levels. Its displaying is prohibited during the gameplay on many platforms. It is allowed to show only in pause between game sessions.

It is also prohibited during the navigation by the VK Games platform. So, we will consider this a bad practice on other platforms too.

Call example:

// Show fullscreen, returns a promise;

// Show fullscreen with a countdown overlay before displaying the advertisement{ showCountdownOverlay: true });

// Showing started'fullscreen:start', () => {});
// Showing ended'fullscreen:close', (success) => {});


Pleloader is a banner that appears when loading the game. On many platforms, it is implemented through Fullscreen, but is not tied to its timers (except for Yandex.Games).

Displaying is allowed only before the start of the game.

Call example:

// Show preloader, returns a promise;

// Showing started'preloader:start', () => {});
// Showing ended'preloader:close', (success) => {});

Rewarded Video

Rewarded Video is a non-skippable video ad that aims to give the player a reward for watching. It is forbidden to show without a reward.

Call example:

// Show rewarded video, returns a promise;

// Show rewarded video with an option to display an overlay
// in case of an unsuccessful display of the rewarded video{ showFailedOverlay: true });

// Asynchronously
const success = await;
if (success) {
gp.player.add('gold', 5000);

// Showing started'rewarded:start', () => {});
// Showing ended'rewarded:close', (success) => {});
// Reward is received'rewarded:reward', () => {});

Sticky Banner

Sticky banner is a fixed bottom banner. It takes ~50-100px (110px VK Direct Games). The banner must not cover the play region.

In the panel, you can customize the auto-refresh frequency. The banner will be updated according to the specified frequency immediately of the start.

Call example:

// Show the sticky banner, then it will auto-update itself;
// Refresh the sticky banner, forced refreshing;
// Close the sticky banner;

// Open the banner'sticky:start', () => {});
// The banner appears on the screen'sticky:render', () => {});
// The banner updated'sticky:refresh', () => {});
// Close the banner'sticky:close', () => {});

Supported platforms

  • CrazyGames
  • GameDistribution
  • Yandex Games
  • VK Games
  • OK Games
  • Platforms without support
  • GamePix
  • GameMonetize
  • Poki
  • SmartMarket
  • VK Play
  • Stay in Touch

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    GamePush Community Telegram: @gs_community.

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    We Wish you Success!