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  • Events will help you automate and customize activities for players: holidays, seasonal events, or promotions.
  • You can set start and end dates for events taking into account the timezone on all platforms, or specify different periods on different platforms.
  • Additionally, you can add triggers for additional rewards. Triggers will only be active during the event.
  • Players can automatically participate in an event or manually after explicit player action.
  • Information about events does not need to be obtained separately, they are available at the start of the game.
  • The SDK shows all active and upcoming events on the current platform.

Add events through the control panel

In the Events section of your project, you can create in-game events.

In the add form, you can configure:

  • Tag for use in the SDK (required).
  • Name, description, and icon for visual display of the event to the player.
  • Automatic participation. Whether the player automatically joins the event or manually.
  • Visibility. To all players or only in test mode.
  • Active platforms. List of platforms where the event will take place.
  • Event period. Start date and end date of the event, taking into account the timezone. Can be configured for each platform.

Customize events for platform promotions

You can set your own start and end times for each platform. Platforms launch different promotions and events at different times, so you can adjust to each platform.

Configure additional prizes for activity

You can configure triggers that will only work during the event.

This will allow you to:

  • Adjust additional bonuses and tasks in real time.
  • Avoid additional code.

Example list of triggers:

More details in the triggers section.

Getting started

  • Go to your project in the GamePush Panel;
  • Go to the Events section;
  • Add your first event;
  • Learn how to work with events in the SDK and track the progress of events.

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