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Suggest to the player to leave a review for the game.

Request Review


The method returns the success of the operation and the rating, see response fields.

const result = await;

const { success, rating, error } = result;

if (success) {
// example of working with rating
switch (rating) {
case 5:
showWindow('We are very glad you enjoyed the game!');
case 4:
case 3:
// including when the rating cannot be determined
case 0:
showWindow('Thank you for your review!');
case 2:
case 1:
showWindow('We will strive to do better!');

Supported platforms

  • Yandex Games
  • OK Games
  • Platforms without support
  • CrazyGames
  • GamePix
  • GameDistribution
  • GameMonetize
  • SmartMarket
  • VK Games
  • VK Play
  • WG Playground
  • Kongregate
  • PlayDeck
  • Google Play
  • Check support

    FREE; // true / false

    Use this property to check the support for adding a review on the current platform. It also checks the ability to add a review again.

    if ( {
    // can request a review

    Check if a review has already been left

    FREE; // true / false

    Use this property to check if a review has already been left.

    if ( {
    // review has already been left

    On some platforms, it is possible to change the rating. To check this, use the following combination:

    if ( && {
    // review has been left, but it can be changed

    Response fields

    successbooleanWhether the player has rated the gametrue
    ratingnumberThe player's rating. 0 - not supported5
    errorstringError codeunsupported

    Error codes

    ErrorError description
    unsupportedThe method is not supported on the platform
    not_allowedThe method cannot be called (for example, the player is not authorized)
    already_ratedThe review has already been submitted, resubmission is not available
    cancelledThe review window was closed
    othersAny unexpected errors (check the console)

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