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Quickly enable easy-to-use, localized, one-click authentication for your players while keeping their data secure, compliant, and under your control.

Authentication system, supported:

  • Login with username and password;
  • Login via email or phone number;
  • Login through popular social networks (over 30).

Xsolla Settings

To get started, register on Xsolla as a game publisher and create a project.

In the Login section of the project, add a new login project - "Create standard Login project".

Go to the settings of the created authentication method and in the authentication method you selected, go to Callback URLs.

  • In the Callback URL section, specify;
  • In the Allowed origins (CORS) section, specify

GamePush Settings

In the project control panel, in the Players section under Your authentication configurations, add a new configuration.

  • Name. Any name for you.
  • Description. For your reference.
  • Xsolla Settings
  • Web. Choose Xsolla as the authentication service to enable logging into your websites.
  • Android. Choose Xsolla as the authentication service to enable logging into the Android mobile application.

Login ID

You can copy the Login ID from the list of login projects.

JWT Secret Key

In the authentication settings under Security, you can obtain a token.

Choose encryption method HS256 and copy the Secret Key.

Integration into the Game

To start using authentication via Xsolla, select the relevant platform (website or app store) and specify the authentication configuration using Xsolla.

Everything will start working automatically in the game after saving the platform settings.

Add Authentication Methods (SDK) to your game.

Stay in Touch

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