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Convenient purchasing process. Accept payments from players through a unified, convenient, and secure multi-platform system.

Supported payment methods include:

  • One-time purchases;
  • Permanent purchases;
  • Subscriptions.

Xsolla Configuration

To get started, register on Xsolla as a game publisher and create a project.

Navigate to Project Settings under the Webhooks section.

You will need to:

  • Copy the Merchant ID (1) to add to GamePush;
  • Copy the Project ID (2) to add to GamePush;
  • Go to Project Settings (3)
    • Navigate to the Webhooks section (4)
      • Copy the Secret Key (5) to add to GamePush as the Webhook Secret Key
      • Specify the Webhook Server (6) as

Create an API key. Go to Project Settings in the API Keys section. Add the key and copy it to add to GamePush.

GamePush Setup

In the project management panel, under the Purchases section in Your Acceptance Reception Configurations, add a new configuration.

  • Name: Any name for your reference.
  • Description: For your clarification.
  • Xsolla Settings
    • Merchant ID: Screen 1, point 1.
    • Project ID: Screen 1, point 2.
    • Webhook Secret Key: Screen 1, point 5.
    • API Key: Screen 2.
  • Web: Select Xsolla as the payment reception service to allow purchases on your websites.
  • Android: Select Xsolla as the payment reception service to enable purchases in the Android mobile application.

Adding a Purchase

Create a purchase in Xsolla. Go to the Store section and click Configure in the Virtual Items section.

Specify the ID on Xsolla's service (SKU) in the purchase addition form. The ID may differ from the one in GamePush. You will later specify it in the purchase settings in GamePush.

Choose whether the purchase is non-consumable or consumable.

Set prices. Prices will be directly fetched from Xsolla, you cannot set prices in GamePush.

Select the item in the GamePush management panel to which you want to link the Xsolla purchase. Specify the purchase ID (SKU) from Xsolla.

Adding a Subscription

Create a subscription in Xsolla. Go to the Subscriptions section and click Create Subscription Plan in the Subscription Plans section.

After creating the subscription, get the Subscription ID; you will need it to link the subscription to GamePush.

Select the item in the GamePush management panel to which you want to link the Xsolla subscription.

  • Specify the Subscription ID from Xsolla.
  • Note that the purchase is a subscription.
  • Trial period and billing period are configured directly in Xsolla.

Integration into the Game

To start using payments through Xsolla, select the appropriate platform (website or app store) and specify the authentication configuration using Xsolla.

Everything will start working automatically in the game after saving the platform settings.

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