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Project Settings

In the control panel, in the Project Settings section, you can configure general aspects of the game, such as supported devices or add analytics systems.

Avatar generator

The generated avatar is shown if the user does not have his own avatar. List of supported generators:

IcotarRobohash Robots
Robohash CatsDiceBear Retro
DiceBear IdenticonDiceBear Human (Personas)
DiceBear MicahDiceBear Bottts
DiceBear AdventurerDiceBear Adventurer Neutral
DiceBear AvataaarsDiceBear Big Ears
DiceBear Big Ears NeutralDiceBear Big Smile
DiceBear CroodlesDiceBear Croodles Neutral
DiceBear Female (Personas)DiceBear Gridy (Thumbs)
DiceBear MiniavsDiceBear Open Peeps
DiceBear PersonasDiceBear Pixel Art
DiceBear Pixel Art Neutral

You can provide a link to the community on social networks, it will be used by default when calling the community join method: socials.joinCommunity. For a specific platform, you can set the link in the settings of the platform itself (see tutorial Publishing the Game on Platforms).

Public Game URL

Used in game collections or for sharing.

Analytics Systems

You can integrate your analytics systems into the SDK to track players through a single point for all systems.

More details in the Analytics section.

Game Orientation

If your game supports only one orientation, you can set an explicit restriction.

You can also enable the overlay with a request to rotate the game. It will be shown immediately when the orientation changes.

Supported OS

If your game supports only certain devices, you can set an explicit restriction.

You can also enable the overlay with a warning that the game does not work on this device. It will be shown when the game starts.


Show Loader

The loading indicator helps the user understand that an important action is currently taking place or that a previous action has actually started. For example, the loader is shown during player synchronization and when opening overlays such as leaderboards. Sometimes the player's ranking may take longer to load so that the player doesn't think everything is broken; the indicator will indicate that the request is being processed.

You can disable the loader if desired.

Show Request Counter in Development Mode

The request counter helps you understand how many server requests are being made.

You can disable the counter if desired.

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